Press Kit


Developer: Ewoud van der Werf

Assisting Developer: Extra Nice

Release Date: To be announced

Price: To be announced

Target Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 (PS5), Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux

Languages: English, (More to be announced)

Social: Twitter, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

Store links: Steam, Itch.io


SCHiM is a game about jumping through the shadows in a beautiful abstract world. The player plays as a Schim, the soul and spirit of an object, thing, or living thing. Everything in the world has one. A Schim should NEVER be separated from their thing! This does happen to the Schim the player will play in this game. This Schim who is attached to a human being is separated from him early on in the game. You as the player will have to get back to him before it's too late! As a Schim you traverse through shadows in a vast world of levels in an abstract graphical art style that is limited to 4 colors per level. Each level has it's own theme, objects, story, and animations that keep inviting the player back to discover more.


SCHiM started off as an exam project for Ewoud in February 2020. Ewoud had the opportunity to do his exam at Indie Game Studio: Extra Nice. Ewoud pitched the idea of platforming through shadows. Together with the company, Ewoud worked on what became the first version of SCHiM for his exam. Several tweets about the game caught the attention of possible publishers and the scope was adjusted to become a more full-fledged game instead of a short experience. Ewoud aced his exam and continued to work on SCHiM together with Extra Nice.




Download the SCHiM press kit here